USA praises local observers

24/05/2011 12:00

For the first time in the election history of Albania, the US Embassy in
Tirana praised domestic observers who published several reports, the
most recent of which was full of critics against the role of the Central
Election Commission Chairman, Arben Ristani.

US Embassy greeted the work of the Domestic Observing Coalition who played a key role in serving the interests of the Albanian people with their work that started on April 8th.

The embassy also emphasized that regardless the fact that the US embassy donated 150,000 Dollars to this coalition for performing their duty, the embassy itself has not interfered with the published reports. The content of such reports is responsibility of the domestic observers.

Quoting a part of the report, the US Embassy expresses the domestic observers’ concern on the delays of the result for Tirana, for the illegal decisions taken by CEC, the tensioned situation outside the premises of this institution, caused by opposition’s protests, all of which put in doubt the standards of this process and the entire election system.

US Embassy invites its readers to follow the report at the official webpage of the domestic observers.

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