US Ambassador: “Albania-Kosovo unification talks damage Balkan’s stability”

21/04/2017 00:00

For the USA, a possible unification of Albania and Kosovo would damage Balkan’s stability.

The US Ambassador to Tirana, Donald Lu, said today that the US Government supports the sovereignty of Kosovo and Albania, but they oppose any careless discussions for unification.

“It would damage the stability of the region and the European path for both countries”, Lu said in a declaration for BIRN.

The strongest declaration for a possible unification of Albania and Kosovo came from the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, who criticized the EU for delaying the integration processes, and said that if the EU closes its door to Kosovo, every Albanian in the region will be in one single space, to then be integrated in the European family.

Thaci’s declaration for “Politico” came right after Edi Rama’s, who raised the concern that delays by the  EU would be leading to an increase of nationalistic voices, although cooperation is the only way to keep a peaceful Balkan.

“If there is no perspective or hope for the future, certainly there could happen some small unions”, Rama said for Politico.

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