Two former Directors at Rama’s Tirna Municipality appointed at Tax and Customs

23/09/2016 00:00

Two resignations within the same day. This is the official version for changing the Directors of the Tax and Customs offices.

Briseida Shehaj and Pranvera Fagu have left their posts to two other persons who have also worked with Edi Rama when he was Mayor of Tirana.

Vasilika Vjero, former Director of the National Business Center, will now be Tax Director. Bela Ikonomi, close collaborator of OM Rama as former Tax Director at the Tirana Municipality, will now be Director of the Customs.

The two resigned Directors will get other high posts. Briseida Shehaj is appointed Deputy Minister of Economy, while Pranvera Fagu will replace Vasilika Vjero as Director of the National Business Center.

Pranvera Fagu, for more than one year as Customs Director, had to face a fragile situation after PM Rama changed almost every regional customs director.

Shehaj, on the other hand, led the Tax Office since the first day that the majority came to power. She was openly praised by the PM, but also attacked by the opposition. For this reason, it seemed she would not leave that post.

But, during the past year, the public critics from the IMF and the appointinjg of Arben Ahmetaj as Minister of Finances, and also a friendly climate between the Tax Office and businesses, had dimmed her active role in public, which had initially turned her even into a character of Albania’s biggest humor show.

Although no one likes to admit it, this seems to have been the problem of Shehaj, a problem that came to an end this Friday.

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