Turkish Albanian consortium will invest 125 million EUR for Kalivaci HPP

13/06/2018 17:14

The Kalivaci hydropower plant will be built through a PPP concession, by a merging of the Turkish Company “Ayen Enerji” with the Albanian “Fusha Sh.P.K”.

The Ministry of Energy announced that they have signed the conclusive agreement which makes way for the construction of the hydropower plant, a matter that has been suspended for years.

According to the agreement, the winning consortium will invest 125.3 million EUR to build the hydropower plant on the Vjosa River. This hydropower plant will have a power of 111 MW and an annual energy production of 366.6 KW.

According to the deadlines foreseen by the agreement, the construction of the Kalivaci hydropower plant will take two years and a half, and will start producing energy by 2021.

The tender for the Kalivaci hydropower plant was held in October, last year. The race had three offers, but the winner was the merger between the Albanian and Turkish companies. The Ministry and the consortium have negotiated the details of the contract, which is now signed.

The Kalivaci is the second biggest hydropower plant that is built by private funds, after the one of the Devoll Cascade.

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