Tirana Mayor: “Bicycle commutters increased with 3%. Pollution 15% lower”

19/05/2017 00:00

“Two years ago, our community was much smaller, just 1% of the
population. Now it is 3$. It means there is still more to do. The
growing trend is encouraging, but it is important for each of us to help
spread the word wherever we are heard, in classrooms, with schoolmates,
and promote bicycles for commuting”, Veliaj said, adding that pollution
in Albania ahs decreased with 15%.

The Mayor said that to help bikers, the Municipality is building special bicycle lanes.

“The Municipality of Tirana is working with investments for dedicated lanes which also provide security, so that bicycle commuting can be a safe and guaranteed alternative”, Veliaj said.

Two underground parking areas shall be built in Tirana, equipped with free chargers for electric cars.

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