Tirana-Elbasan highway, contract breach leaves secondary roads destroyed for many villages

13/02/2018 21:19

The Albanian Road Authority has taken the Tirana-Elbasan road under control, from Elbasan to the tunnel.

Residents of the nearby villages were hoping that the roads connecting the villages, damaged during the highway construction, would be rebuilt again.

“They destroyed our lands and they left us like that. It is a huge problem now because people are forced to walk across the highway”, a citizen declared.

The agreement made in October 2012, signed by the Road Authority, the supervisor, contractor and representative of the commune undertake to rehabilitate all roads they have been using in Shijon, Recan, Shtemaje and Dopaj.

The contract suggested that the road would improve the life of citizens, but in fact, it has created social problems, by isolating the villages that cannot be connected to the highway.

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