Three Albanian immigrants run for councillors in British local elections

01/05/2018 18:35

Three Albanian candidates are running for councillors during these local elections in Britain.

Special about these elections is that candidates run for both main parties, left and right.

The conservatories, who don’t have the political favors of the Albanian voters in Britain, are running with Anila Skeja, from Librazhd, who has been living in London with her family for only five years.

She is a teacher and runs for the conservatories in Barnet, northern London. Her area is known for supporting labourists, but the municipality was won by the conservatories. This makes the race even more interesting.

Endri Hatillari runs in Harrow, north of London, for the Labourists. He is a successful professional and well-known activist.  Hatillari graduated in London for Management, Master of Science.

Hatillari says he would be happy to see a higher number of Albanains running in the next elections for decision-making roles.

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