The names of the “Political Council” members

16/01/2020 08:15

The majority and opposition have given the list of names that will be part of the Political Council.

The majority and opposition have given the list of names that will be part of the Political Council.

The Political Council will be composed of members from the opposition outside the Parliament; the chairmen of the electoral reform committee; representatives of parliamentary groups in Parliament.

The United Opposition will be represented by:

1- Oerd Bylykbashi;

2- Petrit Vasili;

3- Mesila Doda;

4- Fatmir Mediu;

5- Vangjel Dule

The majority and Parliamentary opposition:

Co-chairmen of the Parliamentary Committee for the Electoral Reform:

Damian Gjiknuri

Rudina Hajdari

Socialist Party Parliamentary Group

Ervin Bushati

Democratic Party Parliamentary Group

Myslym Murrizi

Independent Parliamentary Group

Nimet Musai

The first meeting of the Political Council will be held on January 16th, at 17:00.

The Political Council was created by the Socialist Party, the Democratic Party, the Socialist Movement for Integration and Rudina Hajdari, as part of the Parliamentary opposition.
The purpose of this agreement was to find a consensus for the electoral reform.

There have been constant efforts from the international partners so that the opposition and the majority could sit on the same table with each other for the electoral reform.

Top Channel has learned that foreign diplomats in Albania have started working one year ago to make parties sit together.

Representatives from the US and EU have worked intensively to bring the positions of the DP and SP to a closer approach.

British and US diplomats had separate meetings with the opposition Damian Gjiknuri, from the Socialist Party, who is currently leading the Parliamentary Commission for the electoral reform together with Rudina Hajdari.

Thanks to the intermediation of the US and Britain, both sides have ceded some of their conditions and came together with the agreement that was made public today, which foresees the creation of the Political Council, avoiding this way the creation of the Parliamentary Committee, by the electoral reform agreement.

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