The mystery of Basha’s passport

24/04/2011 15:30

Two articles published at Shekulli and Tema cast shadows of doubt on an
American passport allegedly used by the Democratic Party candidate for
Mayor of Tirana, Lulzim Basha.

The American passport has been used in 2001, at a notary office in Netherlands, where Basha has bought a house.
The doubts start with the passport number 0160138, which should have nine figures and not seven, as registered by the notary office.

A foreigner can take the American citizenship after winning the American Lottery, receiving political asylum, participating in the US Military service, being a member of CIA or FBI, and being a descendent of American parents.

This event attracted even more attention after the American embassy refused to comment or give any details on the passport. Top Channel contacted the American Embassy which clarified its stance through this declaration:

”Not only the US embassy in Tirana, but every US embassy in the world is not allowed to give information that is protected by the privacy law, which is a law in USA. People can receive harsh punishments, losing their jobs or even prison, if they infringe this rule”, the USA embassy clarification says.
The daily newspaper “Shekulli”, besides releasing the American passport matter, has also accused Mr. Basha of fake wealth declaration and published another fact regarding the usage of three diplomatic passports released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Three biometric passports have been released in 2007, which expire in 2017, and another one has been removed from circulation before it had expired.

The facts that were published today brought the reaction of the Socialist Deputy Erion Braçe.
“It is time to say the truth! For this reason, we ask Mr. Basha the truth about the house he bought and sold in Netherlands. Which is the truth of the mortgage that was taken in Netherlands and how was it repaid? Which is the truth of the three Albanian diplomatic passports released and used under his name? Which is the truth of the unusual American passport, officially declared under the name of Lulzim Basha? For the same reasons we ask today the High Inspectorate of Wealth Declaration and Control. Why this institution does not publish the wealth of Lulzim Gjata during 2006?” declared SP deputy, Erion Braçe.

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