The erosion that is eating us

22/04/2011 16:20

Road slides, destroyed houses, water pollution from landslides are only few of the evident erosion consequences in our country.

The destruction of the canalization system, the bad managing of superficial and underground waters, forest cutting and unplanned constructions have brought each year more damages in objects and terrain.

Prof. Vangjo Kovaçi clarifies that it is very important to revitalize the search institutions and give more attention to the way land is being exploited.

“The investments should be done where they are necessary. The specialists should raise their voice if reconstructions are needed. Waters should be managed, for not creating erosion problems, and there should be an understanding between the land owners, because we all know that our farmers have partitioned their lands”, Kovaçi explained.
But the lacking of investments for a long time has extended the map of landslides from north to south of Albania.

“The northern area, mainly Shkoder, and the district of Tropoja, Saranda, Gjirokastra and partially Tepelena, have had very high erosion. The northern area is listed second, and the values in this area reach 20 and 30 ton per hectar. Surely that in this area, the erosions happen near the river banks”, Kovaçi said.
Leaving the lands barren favors erosion and landslides. Albania is currently one of the places with the highest scale of erosion in the continent.

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