Thaci: Needing EU guidelines

24/05/2011 14:20

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi declared that confirming Kosovo’s European future is not enough, although it comes from all levels.

Speaking on the Inter-Ministry Council for EU Integration, Thaçi
emphasized that Kosovo needs clear guidelines for EU integration,
because it is the only country in the region without e contractual
relation with EU.

“Kosovo’s European Perspective has been
confirmed in all levels. However, it is not enough. Kosovo needs clearer
guidelines for this purpose. Despite partnerships and close relations,
Kosovo remains the only country without a contractual relation with EU”,
Thaçi declared.

The Prime Minister underlined the government’s efforts for fulfilling the integration agenda.

referred to the platform approved by his government and the conditions
that were fulfilled for receiving the visa liberalization strategy.

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