Thaci: “Kosovo will have its Armed Forces within a year”

20/10/2017 03:30

The President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, declared that the Armed Forces
will be established within a year, and that he received support from the
US for this.

The President of Kosovo spoke for Deutsche Welle about his Washington visit, where he met the US Vice President, Pence.

Thaci said that with Pence they also discussed the need to establish the Kosovo Armed Forces the soonest possible.

“Pence underlined that Kosovo has the right to have its own armed forced, multi-ethnic and with the participation of all communities”, the President of Kosovo declared.

But when will the law for the army pass in Parliament?

“We are talking to the MPs of the Serbian community. I like to believe that there will be no more tolerations of the veto that someone wants to put us. I believe that Kosovo will have its army within a year”, he declared.

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