Technical Ministers: “Votes were purchased.” Government: “Report is illegal”

17/08/2017 00:00

Technical Ministers published a 100 page report in which they show the
results of their monitoring of elections. The result doesn’t change from
the one of the Democratic Party.

“There was a massive vote purchase with illegal money, which even reduced the value of Euro right after the Rama-Basha agreement, and until two days before the elections. Criminal groups supported the parties of the majority during the elections. State police officers supported the government in their cooperation with criminal elements, and the public administration and budget funds were used in the campaign”, the report says, saying there were 3600 actions against the law during the campaign.

The report that Top Channel has obtained mentions the names of institutions and of persons who have allegedly violated the law, or other laws for elections. In most of the cases, the report says that they are not verified by the police.

The report also says that the technical ministers have sent to prosecution 110 cases of electoral crimes, and that the police has proceeded only with 69 out of 484 reports.

The main finding of the report, similar to that of Lulzim Basha, confirms that Edi Rama did not respect the agreement for the functionalities of technical ministers, whose duty was to monitor the state administration from inside, regarding elections.

The report says that the Task Force did not receive financial and logistic means to realize a thorough monitoring  process. “This make it impossible to accomplish the tasked mission”, the report states.

For this reason, they value the inclusion of the opposition in government during the electoral year as a very good practice, but for this to be effective, the opposition should take those role three to six months before the elections.

However, the government said that this report was not discussed at the Task Force, and that makes it procedurally incorrect, since it wasn’t voted by the Task Force.

Although the Ministers have a majority in the Task Force, failing to vote it makes the report illegal. However, Top Channel verified that the report doesn’t say that it is approved by the Task Force. It is only signed by Ledina Mandija, as Deputy Prime Minister and chairwoman of the Task Force.

Top Channel