SP votes to pay Vetting staff less than they hoped, and with smaller staff

25/09/2017 00:00

People involved with the Vetting Law were not happy with the decision of
the Socialist Government to reduce the number of staff and their
salaries’ level.

Only the Special Qualification Commission agreed with the drastic cut, but reserving the right to demand amends when the budget is approved next year.

The other two institutions, the College of Appeal and Public Commissioners opposed the proposition of the Socialist Party, which reduces the staff number at around 80, and gives almost 1/3rd of the salaries they had proposed.

The Socialist MP, Vasilika Hysi, replied: “They are demanding for a public commissioner to be paid 1 million ALL a month (almost 10.000 USD a month), advisers to be paid with 80% of the commissioner. The College of Appeal wants 1.1 million ALL a month (almost 11.000 USD a month) for every person”.

The Democratic Party MP, Gent Strazimiri, asid that this structure is expected to work against the mefia. “These gentlemen and their staff will take all the risks to go against the mafia. They know how difficult it will be for them. You built a structure and you asked its members to do the impossible”, Strazmiri said.

The same stance was held by the Democratic Party and the SMI. But Socialists decided with their votes, proposing the new structures to the Parliament.

The only one who didn’t agree with the decision was Saimir Tahiri, who didn’t change his stance about a full financial support of the Vetting institutions.

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