Soreca: Commission must accelerate work for Constitutional Court and Special Prosecution

18/06/2019 19:39

The EU Ambassador, Luigi Soreca, met with the chairwoman of the Independent Commission of Qualification, Genta Tafa, to discuss the ongoing process of the vetting law and the judiciary reform.

There are two candidates for judges of the Constitutional Court; Regleta Panajoti, Anila Kristani, who must pass the vetting process, while Ilir Mustafaj has already passed.

Two other judges must pass the vetting law before the Council of Justice Appointments takes the list to the President. The number of candidates for the Constitutional Court is 19, three of whom are running for High Inspectorate of Justice.

The Council of Justice Appointments is verifying the candidates, but it is still unclear, as two of them are waiting for the vetting process.

The list of candidates will go to the Presidency and the Parliament, who must choose three out of the six candidates.

However, the unresolved issue will be the race for three members who must be appointed by the Supreme Court, who are part of the Constitutional Court quota.

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