Seven Greek soldiers of Albanian origin risk punishment for picture with eagle symbol

22/01/2017 00:00

Seven Greek soldiers of Albanian origin took a picture doing the Albanian
eagle symbol with their hands, and published it around their internal social circles, but the symbol
seems to have troubled Greek military leaders, who ordered an

Sources from the Ministry of Defense suggest that the General Staff of the Greek Army has issued an order to identify and take the soldiers under custody, saying the picture is dangerous for the Greek national security.

The seven soldiers were found within a few hours and were taken by Greek military authorities for further questioning.

Their cell phones were checked, to see if they had photographed environments of the garrison and if they had communicated with people who could pose a risk for the Greek national security.

The seven of them were cadets, about to take their oath on February second, to serve the army for the next nine months.

The soldiers risk extreme measures, even being stripped off their citizenship, probably due to the pressure of Greek media.

It would be interesting to hear a declaration from the Greek Minister of Defense, who is expected to return from the USA, after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The Greek Minister of Defense is known as an extremist defender of the Greek identity in the army. Hence, the punishments against the cadets may be very harsh, probably to stop them from being repeated in the future.

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