Ristani: CEC did the right thing

14/06/2011 13:55

Head of the Central Election Commission, Arben Ristani, commented the
Electoral College’s decision that, according to him, ruled in favor of
CEC for the way the ballot boxes were opened. Ristani declared that the
counting process will continue for one week and the decision for the
result will be taken with a simple voting, even with 4 votes, not
necessarily with the votes of CEC members from the opposition party.

Ristani also declared that CEC will start opening the other ballot boxes right after receiving the argued decision of the Electoral College.

In a press release for the media, Ristani declared that CEC has certified the winner of Tirana Municipality, and now they will only continue the process of appeal.

“The entire CEC procedure is considered right, based on law, and the process was also confirmed by the Electoral College. The College wants a further investigation of the matter, going even further by opening the other ballot boxes”, Ristani declared, saying that during the entire procedure they have asked parties to submit all pretenses to CEC.

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