Rama: “We completed negotiation conditions. Now it’s up to the EU to decide”

11/09/2017 00:00

Answering to questions raised by MPs of the Socialist Movement for
Integration, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that the opening
of the EU accession negotiations is not anymore on Albania’s hands.

Rama said that Albania has fulfilled the conditions for opening them and now it is up to Brussels to decide.

“Opening the negotiations is no more something about what we should do. The Constitutional reform was the final condition for opening them. The reform passed and the negotiations did not start. Then we had the Vetting Law. Now it remains to be seen, because the Vetting passed as well and we are looking forward for its implementation. If EU will require more time, they may keep asking us to be more thorough. We know what ‘thorough’ means. Then the free and fair elections came as a conditions. From our view, the elections were positive”, Rama said.

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