Rama signs pact with the citizens

03/05/2011 18:20

Socialit Party leader, Edi Rama, signed a civil pact of “The Alliance
for the Future” that divided in three major points (employment, family
and future) a series of promises that the Socialist Party leader
guaranteed to fulfill in the four years to come.

One of the main promises were the creation of 300,000 new
jobs, fiscal facilities for every business, financial support for small
businesses, guaranteed rights for every employee, removing the taxes
for people in need, cutting the VAT at half, covering 50% of the rent or
offering soft loans for the homeless, social centers for pensioners and
women in need, the “baby check” and one new tree for every newborn
child, municipal scholarship for every excellent student, 100% of the
roads paved, public transport of European standards, an integrated urban
development plan and solving the issue of land ownership.

“As leader of ‘Alliance for the Future’, I am committed to fulfill these
promises in the four years to come, not only as the Mayor of Tirana, as
the Socialist Party leader, but as an Albanian that loves the future of
this country”, Rama said, during the meeting with the candidates for
municipalities and communes.

Rama focused his speech on the fact that the citizens and the business
pay to the central government 70 times more taxes than to the

“The citizens pay only 550 ALL per month for all the great works that we
have done, while a pensioner pays only 8.3 ALL per month, a family with
the social assistance status pays only 8.3 ALL per month, the disabled
persons and the blind people pay 0 taxes. But what do Tirana citizens
pay to those that act like they care about their problems, while they
oblige a common family to pay 35,000 ALL per month, 70 times more to the
government than to the municipality. With the taxes of the
municipality, the city has been built more on every day. With the taxes
of the government, we grow poorer each day, unemployed and hit by
insecurity”, Rama declared.

He declared that with the arrival of the Socialist Party in power, every
abusive tax that the government has put in the behalf of the
municipality will be removed.

“Every tax that the Berisha government has added to the small business,
misinforming as if it is a tax of the municipality, will be removed
after the first second that we will be in the government”, Rama said.

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