Rama: “Seizing suspicious assets. Fight against cannabis was successful”

30/08/2017 10:45

The fight against cannabis has entered a new phase, that of hitting
criminal groups within and outside the country, and seizing their
financial assets.

“Any luxury car that challenges the law, any unjustified real estate property, will be scanned. Every suspicious business, suspicious bank account and whoever owns it, must justify the origin or they will be seized. These people should be looking for a place to hide, rather than appearing as influenced social factors”, Rama said.

But to achieve this, the Prime Minister said that fight must start with those who offer support to these criminal groups.

“Their strength comes from the betrayal from inside the police. They must take their lesson in the most extreme form. We cannot have blue uniforms playing in two sides”, Rama said.

Haki Cako, General Chief of the Police, said that the cooperation with the Prosecution, Secret Service and the Service for Internal Matters and Complaints, making it possible to identify people who cultivate cannabis, but also police officers or public administration members who cooperate with them.

The Director of the Anti-Cannabis Task Force, Rovena Voda, spoke with concrete figures about the identified assets, which mount up to 50 million EUR.

According to the Prime Minister and the State Police, 2017 marked a big achievement in the fight against cannabis, with the lowest quantity of cultivated areas since 1991. This, according to Rama, makes the first objective of this fight successfully accomplished.

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