Rama responds to opposition: “Nothing new from the front”

20/10/2017 03:30

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, reacted on social networks after the opposition parties demanded his resignation.

Rama said that the declaration is nothing new, except for the fact that they are no longer some inside the tent, some out. Now they are all in, according to Rama.

The Prime Minister said that the opposition doesn’t want a serious state and a fair judiciary, but only power that they can have on their own.

“We are different. We have been working each day to build the rule of law, to bring more jobs, more welfare for the Albania we want. We are not without mistakes. We are not intact from the diseases created by 25 years of a lack of state, without norms and without upnishment. We are not a perfect family, without our bad apples. But different from these from the old tent, we hold our responsibilities”, Rama said.

“In the past 20 years, many politicians have been involved in public accusations. Some times they were true, some times not. But different from my predecessor, I cannot be the one who decide the fate of who is guilty and who is not. The is the duty of the judiciary. My predecessor took Albania to a precipice just to protect his son and his daughter. Today’s opposition leader used a medical prescription to delay his trial for corruption. But we are no the same. We fought together for the Vetting Law and the judiciary reform. You must remember that today’s ‘opposition front’ were against this law and humiliated us in front of America and Europe. We are determined that the Vetting Law must be done, and so that the new justice can be established for everyone, without distinction”, Rama declared.

“It feels good that the ‘front’ doesn’t mention cannabis as the real problem. Different from those who want to use talks of criminals in their desperate fight for power, we will continue the battle we have started against criminal gangs and the assets they have obtained from crime. We are together with the reasonable Albanians in this fight. We will win it, despite the mud throwing situation, despite the many problems within the police. We will remove the stain of cannabis from the Albania we want”, the Prime Minister added.

“As long as we are on the frontline, we have considered wounds and mud throwing, but we will never give up. We will continue to fight crime and criminals to the end for the Albania we want”, Rama concluded.

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