Rama: On May 8th to give our response to the government

30/04/2011 13:20

Socialist Party leader, Edi Rama, announced in Librazhd the candidate of “Alliance for the Future”, and he declared that the
voters should give the deserving response to the current government on May 8th elections.

Announcing the candidate Enver Koçi, Rama accused the Prime Minister Sali Berisha of leaving Albanians unemployed in order to enrich his personal royal court.

“Sali pretends that these elections are local and not political, but he does not accept to show us a single town or village that he has governed, where we can see a successful model of local administration”, Rama said.

“On May 8th, we will win in Librazhd and will say to this government ‘No more!’”, Rama declared.

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