Rama: “Enlargement process, not fair. We’ve done our job, but EU has become unpredictable”

09/10/2017 00:00

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared yesterday that the
Albanian government will receive a positive message within the first 100
days from EU, as regards integration. However, he admits there is still no
specific date for opening negotiations, and for this he points his finger to

“You can never know with EU, because they keep changing positions and conditions. We have done everything we were asked to, and now we have to wait and see. It may be done during the next year, if the EU Council expresses a positive opinion about this. But it may not happen in the next year. It is not because of Albania, but the enlargement process has become less fair and less predictable. This is because of Europe”, Rama said.

But the Prime Minister says he doesn’t expect the enlargement strategy to change its course.

“It is simply unfair that we haven’t started our accession negotiations yet. I don’t see this as an incredible fear of the European leaders, since they constantly relate the accession talks to negative will coming from the public opinion. This is crazy. It would be understandable if we were talking about just becoming a member, but we are talking about negotiations. It would be much more simple if these politicians said that they would never admit new countries in the EU if these new countries don’t fulfill the criteria”, Rama declared.

In an interview for the Austrian “Der Standard”, Rama speaks about what he considers “The New Palace of Justice”, in which, after the Vetting Process, many members will no longer be allowed inside.

“A considerable part of people will certainly get fired. The current process simply leaves no room for them to escape the system or to be part of it”, Rama declared.

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