Rama: “DP has time until midnight. Elections will be held this June”

17/05/2017 00:00

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, met with the Socialist women of
Elbasan and said that most of the crisis showed to the Albanian public
have been created by their political elites, who speak all day for the
people but rarely do anything real about them.

Rama said that today they are about to conclude a crisis which the Democratic Party created artificially.

“This big party and a governing alternative started the crisis by closing themselves inside the tent and tried to take it beyond Albania, going against our international partners”, Rama said.

He said that all citizens are witnesses that the Socialist Party did everything possible to address the crisis, efforts which were done by no government ever.

“We withdrew from the elections in Kavaja to give DP a real chance to go back to the path of reason. Our withdrawal from Kavaja didn’t prove that we were afraid, but because we want people to be calm, together with the Democratic process”, Rama said.

He added that despite the political conflict, the DP continues to make games: “The Democratic Party continues its game, while we are on the right path to form a state. We must be a model for respecting the law, for people with and without power.

Rama added that the postponement of elections is impossible for the fact that citizens cannot be denied of their right to vote for their government.

As for the negotiations, Rama said that Basha has time until this midnight.

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