Rama: “DP didn’t want elections. What we ceded was no sacrifice”

19/05/2017 00:00

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, spoke about the agreement reached with the Democratic Party.

Rama said that this agreement didn’t change the truth that DP feared the Vetting Law.

“For the same reason we voted the constitutional reform in the last minute, because they were scared. But there is no fear that can withhold something that was long due”, Rama said, adding that the majority always wanted the DP to be part of the elections, but it was the one trying to sabotage the process.

“We wanted them part of the elections, because we want to beat them. This is very simple. The victory without them would have no taste, because we were about to enter the elections without them. It wasn’t us who didn’t want elections. They were the ones trying to stop us from going to elections”, Rama said.

He added that what the Socialist Party ceded during the negotiations doesn’t mean that the rest of the government is about to collapse.

“We received the promise that the Vetting Law would be voted within this mandate, and that they would return to the system. But one thing is clear. We didn’t give up the government. We are sharing it with them. It’s not what Basha says, that after ceding half of the government, we will cede the other half. It is not true. We did the right thing and this is not a sacrifice”, Rama said.

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