Rama, after agreement with DP: “This is a new era for Albania”

18/05/2017 00:00

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, said that the Socialist Party is
going to win the June 25th elections, but today is a day of victory for
every Albanian, socialist and democrats, common people of the country.

A few hours after reaching an agreement with the Democratic Party, Rama held a speech at the meeting for inaugurating the electoral campaign in Tirana, a few meters away from the opposition’s protest tent.

Rama said that the cheers of the people should not be for the campaign, but for the realization of the strategic objective, the Vetting Law.

“We are here to start an electoral campaign and cheer for the realization of our strategic objective, for a better Albania, with a rule of law, jobs and welfare, for the Vetting law that will be voted before the electoral campaign”, Rama said.

The Prime Minister said that this agreement removes any alibi for the opposition after the elections, since they will be allowed to oversee the entire process.

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