Prosecution of Serious Crimes demand Sota to be held in custody

14/11/2017 18:16

The Prosecution of Serious Crimes has requested that the 25-year-old Orest Sota, who was caught by the police with 863.000 Euros in his car, should be held in prison until his trial for money laundering.

This request will be handed over within 10 days, after the Court of Elbasan was declared non-competent for the case. If the Serious Crimes don’t reevaluate the measure, the decision will lose its power.

The Court of Serious Crimes will gather this Wednesday to review the request. Sota’s lawyer didn’t release any comment, while Sota’s father has filed a memo at the Prosecution of Serious Crimes, in which he explains the source of 863.000 EUR with official bills and receipts, as well as the cooperation between Ikona and Kurum.

Police also found two boat driving licenses in Sota’s car, belonging to the former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri.


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