Prosecution investigates 3014 public employees hired during electoral campaign

14/11/2017 20:59

After the former technical Deputy Prime Minister, Ledina Mandia, reported that there are hundreds of people who were hired during the electoral campaign, violating this way the Electoral Code, the Prosecution of Tirana has started a criminal investigation for corruption.

Mandia had reported at the Prosecution that during the electoral campaign there have been 3600 movements at the public administration.

The Prosecution says that from May 25th to June 2017, 3014 people have been employed, fired or reemployed, going against article 88 of the Electoral Code.

For this reason, the Chief Prosecutor of Tirana, Petrit Fusha, and the Task Force Chief, Deniona Katro, have asked all directories to send them full information about people who have left their duties or who have been appointed during the electoral campaign.

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