Pristina Municipality under investigation

04/05/2011 20:20

The Pristina Municipality officials that were arrested some days ago were
not sent in front of the court even this Tuesday. The prosecution warns of having a big file against the Municipality officials suspected of power

The investigations will scrutinize the works on the Prishtevka River, in the Kalabria neighborhood of the Kosovo capital. The police suspects that 900 thousand Euros were transferred at the account of a company that was not contracted for works on this project.

Tom Gashi, one of the defense lawyers, says that everything will be clarified this Thursday, when a group of experts will tell if the Municipality has had legal rights to pay the abovementioned company for its works.

“As far as I am informed, there are no proofs that indicate a corruption affair. They have paid another company for these works, because there have been suspicions of abuse. This will be verified with the next expertise that will show if this contract has been unique, or if there has been another contract that enables the amendments. If there has been another contract for the amendments, and if this process has been legal, then there is no kind of abuse”, Gashi declares.

The six arrested persons will appear in front of the Court this Thursday. Gashi notified that the arrested officials will be out on parole or under any other softer measure.  

Some days ago, the head of the Pristine Municipality, Isa Mustafa, accused the Kosovo Police of making political blackmails through their Informative Service agents, by sending police forces all the time, with the pretext of looking for economic crimes.

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