President Meta for La Stampa: “Europe, remedy against the Balkan ticking bomb”

13/09/2017 00:00

During his official visit in Italy, President Ilir Meta gave an interview for the Italian newspaper “La Stampa”.

“After the positive recommendation of the European Commission for opening the accession negotiations, after our general elections and the forming of our government, we have now started the application of the judiciary reform. We are waiting for the European Union to decide the soonest possible about the accession talks”, Meta answered to journalist Francesca Paci regarding Albania’s EU integration.

Meta said that integration of Albania and of the entire Western Balkans is vital not only for the region, but for Europe as well.

“We want to become members because, first of all, we are Europeans. We want a prosperous future for all countries of the region, and Europe is our joint prosperity so that we don’t go back to past nationalism and unpeaceful conflicts. This is a strong argument for the importance of our EU integration”, Meta said.

The President was asked about corruption as well. He said he hopes the judiciary reform will fight this phenomenon.

“Our reform started with a verification of the integrity of Prosecutors and Judges. It is a thorough reform, strongly supported by the EU, USA, civil society and media. I hope that we will soon have strong institutions that will be credible in the fight against corruption and illegality. This would create a better climate for foreign investors”, Meta said.

The President spoke about the fight against terror, radicalization and the excellent relations between both countries.

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