Police publishes results in the fight against illegal business activities

11/09/2019 16:55

The Director for Economic and Financial Crime at the Criminal Police, Lufti Minxhozi, announced the balance of a wide operation against informality that was spread this summer in some key sectors. 1764 inspections have led to 39 arrests and 348 charges.

“There are 1764 different subjects in the country, 892 holiday businesses, 703 seaside bars, 321 hotels, 8 fuel businesses, 55 illegal constructions, 59 cases of illegal occupation of territories and 309 other subjects”, the Director said, listing the results of this fight against informality in every district of Albania, and naming the people that have been  fined and even punished.

The Police Structures, especially those of the Economic and Financial Crime Investigation, are working closely with the Tax and Customs Investigation Directories, and also with other Prosecutions in the process of fighting illegal activities.

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