PM Rama: “New national theater, without high-rise tower, three times more spaces”

12/03/2018 17:56

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, said that the new building for the national theater, which, according to Rama, will be realized in cooperation with the Tirana Municipality and private enterprises, will have a bigger space than the current one and it will have no high-rise tower.

“The current building will be demolished and the new Albanian national theater will be built in its place. Today’s conditions are humiliating for artists. There will be no tower, even if there would be no sin if it was under a tower because people would go to the theater, not to a tower. The story here is not about what is above, by the side, or around the theater, as long as there will be spaces for artists. We have done for the theater as much as we could, but we have done more than in all the years before us. From 3000 square meters, the new theater will have 9000 square meters. There will be four theaters inside. The theater is part of a proposal for a PPP agreement. The private operator guarantees the project for the new theater, but they are not coming to lose money”, Rama said.


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