Pension frauds, senior citizens arrested

26/07/2011 15:25

Among the numerous fraud cases being trialed at the Court of Tirana, the
attempts for benefiting early retirement are on top of the list. In the
last two months, the Court found guilty nine senior citizens,
sentencing them with a fine and obliging them to return the money to the state.

Only this year, the Court of Tirana sentenced 60 senior citizens who have been accused by the prosecution of giving fake data about their age, in order to benefit early retirement pensions. These senior citizens had changed their birthdays in the birth certificates.

The court has not sentenced any of them to prison, due to their age, but has obliged them to return the damages to the state.

Top-Channel found a couple of senior citizens who receive less than half of the pension, with a court decision. They say that they are obliged to fight for making ends meet with the remained money from the pension.

Servete and Sefer Leksinaj, 65 and 69 year old, say that they receive less money than what they need to pay only for food and medicine.

One of the lawyers in this court, known for the pension cases, declared that all these cases must be reviewed, due to the flux that has been in court.

On the other hand, the prosecution unofficially declares that is about to close 20 other similar cases.

Top Channel