Part of Durrës-Kukës road damaged

13/06/2011 10:55

Almost 280 meters of the Durres-Kukes motorway have been severely
damaged, due to inert materials that have been used in this part of the

The damage started 18 months ago, only 6 months after the finalization of the construction works.

Kukes Local Directory of Roads, which manages the highway segment from Kukes to Morina has deviated the traffic to only one lane, because they do not have the necessary funds for repairing it.

The potholes created by the cracks are growing day after day.

Landslides and cracks are also endangering two houses of Breg Lume village, the residents of which have frequently raised their concerns at the Prefecture and Kukes Local Directory of Roads.

The cracks and landslides in the motorway have been noticed in other parts of the road, such as in the Kukes Military Division and Drinas.

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