Parliament, presidential decree voted

25/04/2011 16:10

During a session that lasted 15 minutes, the Albanian Parliament treated four decrees of the Albanian President.

Three of them were about the dismission and promotion of the cabinet ministers. The first decree, for the dismission of Lulzim Basha, received two votes against from two Socialist Party deputies, Arben Çuko and Andis Harasani.

The Socialist Group did not participate and abandoned the room, leaving all the decisions to the majority. For the promotion of Bujar Nishani as Interior Minister, there was another vote against, that of the Socialist Andis Harasani, who was the last to leave the room. However, the votes against cannot have a special political meaning, except the 73 votes of the governing party against the decree of the Albanian President, Bamir Topi, who returned at the Parliament the law of fiscal stamps, arguing that it infringed one article of the Stabilization Association Agreement between Albania and the European Union.

But the Democratic Party deputies argued that this law not only fulfilled every demand of this agreement, without discriminating the domestic production, but it was the President Bamir Topi himself who had decreed without any objection the law of giving the fiscal stamps for concession.

This is thought to be the last Parliamentary session until May 8th, since the deputies are engaged with the electoral campaign.

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