Finance Minister: “Economic growth, 3.9%”
01/15 13:09
DP at the Prosecution: “We filed document proving Tahiri’s cooperation with Habilaj”
01/15 13:06
Vetting Law Commissioners, unpaid for extra hours despite promise
01/13 18:13
105th anniversary of Police, Rama: “Successfully reformed, but there are still corrupted officers”
01/13 17:30
Tirana Mayor inaugurates “Musine Kokalari” Library
01/13 12:30
Bushati in Sweden: “Judiciary reform, key priority for integration”
01/13 12:00
Basha: “Police will be cleaned when government is cleaned by politicians tied with crime”
01/13 11:30
Rama: “Water reform focuses on citizens’ best interest”
01/13 11:00
US Ambassador “FBI Prosecutors for the Tahiri case”
01/13 10:37
Hahn responds to Greek MPs about Albania’s school texts
01/12 20:46
Macedonia, opposition and academics appeal President to veto “Albanian Language” law
01/12 20:24
Meta in Zagreb, discusses about Ismail Morina’s with Croatian counterpart
01/12 20:14
First pictures of Tirana’s “7 Xhuxhat” playground reconstruction project
01/12 20:04
Kosovo PM Haradinaj takes Albanian passport
01/12 19:56
Colorful Vienna benches replace ‘Holiday Village’ on Tirana’s main square
01/12 19:29
Tusk: “Balkan history, more dramatic than ‘Game of Thrones’
01/12 19:01
2018, a challenging year for Albania’s EU perspective
01/12 17:57
Did Tahiri meet the Habilaj? Prosecutors interrogate second driver of former Minister
01/12 17:31
Minister of Energy: “Water reform, relief schemes same as with energy”
01/12 14:01
Master of Albanian folkloric dance, Rexhep Celiku, passed away today
01/12 13:35
Justice Minister discusses compensations with former political prisoners
01/11 22:00