German Foreign Minister: “There is resistance in Europe against Albania’s accession negotiations”
09/19 18:19
Ura Vajgurore mural among top 10 in the world
09/19 18:09
German Foreign Minister: “Skeptical about Kosovo-Serbia border. EU accession negotiations, not automatically opened in 2019”
09/19 18:03
Euro devaluation hits the budget with lower income
09/19 17:40
Government has paid less compensation to former land owners
09/18 21:45
300 regional companies bring their ideas for innovative startups in Albania
09/18 21:30
New roads with toll payment, Gjiknuri: “It will depend on the maintenance cost”
09/18 21:00
SMI leader: The role of Albanian politicians, a key factor in FYROM
09/18 20:30
Soreca in Tirana, Meta: “Opposition and majority, more cooperation”
09/18 20:00
Gjirokastra, 20% more tourists than one year ago
09/18 19:45
Basha: “Territory Protection Inspectorate is stealing lands from people”
09/18 19:33
Gjiknuri: $138 mln added for the Tirana-Elbasan construction bill
09/18 19:18
Albania’s two newest roads, 682 million USD more than initial assessments
09/18 19:14
Court pardoned prison time for Ermal Hoxha, gave him probation
09/18 19:12
The majority accepted President Meta’s decree for the theater
09/18 19:12
Alfred Peza on Top Talk: “SP also wants vetting, but DP is not serious”
09/18 19:11
Kosovo’s “The Wedding” competing for the Oscars
09/18 16:22
Rama responds to Basha’s vetting request with irony
09/18 16:22
Basha wants Rama’s approval for “Vetting of Politicians by Impartial members”, but details will be given later
09/18 16:22
Haradinaj: “Border corrections would take us to the past”
09/18 16:21
Thaci: “Border correction lifts Russia’s veto and brings Serbia’s recognition”
09/18 16:21