World Orphans Day, President Meta and Ismail Kadare  appeal for more awareness
05/20 17:28
Tsipras has conditions for supporting Albania’s EU integration
05/20 17:22
German government asks their Parliament to vote in favor of Albania’s EU accession negotiations
05/20 17:14
LGBTI parade in Tirana: “This is not a celebration, but a protest”
05/18 20:55
NATO warships at the Durres Port
05/18 20:52
Albanian acting Foreign Minister meets CoE Secretary, discuss Kosovo as well
05/18 20:46
Once again, Marko Gjuric was not allowed in Kosovo
05/18 20:42
Opposition hands over list of electoral commissioners
05/18 20:33
Vangjush Dako summoned for questioning at the Prosecution of Serious Crimes
05/18 20:30
Exports dropped with 2.3%
05/18 20:26
Basha from the UK: No elections without punishing those who stole the ones of 2017
05/18 20:15
Rama: Whoever tries to stop elections, banned for life from USA and EU
05/18 19:58
Basha: British Conservatory Party will help modernize the DP
05/17 16:19
Hahn: Protests in Albania are making it difficult for a positive decision on EU accession negotiations
05/17 16:16
The political crisis is spooking tourists away
05/17 16:15
Meta: Unacceptable situation. Parties must not shift responsibility
05/17 16:14
The USA appreciates the efforts of Albania against violent extremism.
05/17 16:04
DP changes its mind and brings back members of Central Election Commisison
05/17 16:04
FRONTEX, agreement to patrol Albania’s border with EU cooperation
05/17 16:03
OSCE Ambassador: Albania has a long way ahead. We will help
05/17 16:03
Cakaj at the Council of Europe ministerial: This organization only gets stronger with Kosovo
05/17 16:03