Report: Albanian public employees take long holidays, use office hours for internet surfing
02/14 18:49
Mother and two children die from suspected food poisoning in Bulqiza
02/14 18:24
Albanian president condemns “fake news fabrication” over EU ambassador’s compromising video rumors
02/14 17:55
Venice Commission Delegation Meets with Albanian Justice Appointments Council
02/14 17:27
Vokshi on the media regulation body: For Rama is vital the capture of the media
02/14 17:15
Germany, PM Rama reports meeting with Canadian Prime Minister on donors’ conference, strengthening of relations
02/14 16:55
Foreign Minister Cakaj: Increased momentum for the recognition of Albanian driving licenses in Germany
02/13 18:50
Abolition of the judges oath to the president; Meta denounces lack of parliament serious-mindedness
02/13 18:30
Albanian Democratic opposition: We want neutral provisional government, not co-government with the Socialists
02/13 18:06
Common flu spreading fast in Albania, country is ‘red-marked’ on the Europe epidemic map
02/13 17:47
Albanians give birth to fewer children; Number of births and deaths a year, towards equalization
02/13 17:34
Albanian SPAK cooperate with Italian prosecutors in seizing mafia man assets
02/12 18:13
DP, Shehaj: Orikum-Dukat highway should have cost €8m, not €70m, discrepancies are abuse of funds
02/12 17:54
Albanian PM praises the OFL operation: Imprisonment is not enough, they must be stripped of their assets
02/12 17:31
Exclusive / Leaked photo-evidence of Jak Prenga’s murder show body pulled out of Range Rover
02/11 19:45
Albanian influenza season: Complications Affect mostly children and older adults
02/11 16:48
Tirana/ Albania, Kosovo Prime Ministers differ On Balkans ‘Mini-Schengen’
02/11 15:18
Albanian common flu epidemic: 24,000 people affected, two dead from complications
02/10 19:10
Officers stop armed former convict at SP headquarters attended by Prime Minister Rama
02/10 18:54
Terrorist file; Albanian Court rejects the special prosecution request for closure of investigations
02/10 18:29
Experts urge the Albanian government to increase investments in the economy
02/08 20:42