Tirana, 922 families left homeless by earthquake have their rent paid
12/07 19:38
US Embassy condemns Vucic’s declaration that called Recak massacre “fiction”
12/07 19:29
Beautiful surprise for two young earthquake survivors as they are visited by Cristiano Ronaldo and Luigi Buffon
12/06 21:29
Durres Chief Prosecutor investigating earthquake responsibilities forced to leave her home
12/06 18:28
Basha from Durres: Authorities must accelerate damage evaluation
12/06 18:24
Paris, Tirana’s “House of Leaves” wins 2020 Museum Prize
12/06 18:20
“ALL 2 mln for rural houses, 100% rent for those who remained homeless”
12/06 18:05
Olsian Çela’s first speech as Albania’s new Prosecutor General
12/06 18:02
Rama: 60 construction companies under investigation, we may need to import foreign workers for reconstruction
12/06 17:49
Insurance companies will compensate €12 mln to earthquake victims
12/06 17:30
Firefighters commander lost six of his relatives to the earthquake devastation
12/06 17:26
Albania has officially taken the presidency of the OSCE for 2020
12/06 17:21
EU Ambassador greets appointing of new Prosecutor General
12/05 21:31
Basha visits earthquake victims in Kruja: The $150 mln EUR set for oligarchs should be given to the people
12/05 21:27
Parliament votes Albania’s new Prosecutor General
12/05 21:14
Rama: 2020, year of recovery. New residential blocks in Durres, Laç and Tirana
12/05 21:04
Rama: We’ll cover the earthquake cost even without foreign assistance
12/05 20:57
US Embassy offers assistance for recovery after November 26th earthquake
12/05 20:51
Albanian acting MFA meets US Deputy Assistant Secretary Philip Reeker
12/05 20:48
Palmer: The USA wants mutual recognition betwen Kosovo and Serbia
12/05 20:43
Macron: The purpose is to have the entire Balkan in the EU
12/05 20:35