Albanian Democratic Party revealed their vote for EPP’s President
11/06 18:15
Italy, Parma prepares for Albania’s Culture Month
11/06 17:36
Serbian woman wanted for human traffic arrested by Albanian police
11/06 17:31
Tirana applies for European Capital of Culture in 2024
11/06 17:24
EU: “A functional Interior Ministry for fight against crime”
11/06 17:21
Hahn: “Albania is running towards the EU”
11/06 17:09
Austrian Chancellor: “Kosovo, pre-condition for Serbia’s EU accession”
11/05 21:22
Body of Greek extremist Katsifa will be sent back to Greece
11/05 17:50
Judge who left former Prime Minister in prison confirmed as President’s candidate for Supreme State Audit
11/05 17:47
President’s meeting with the Socialist Party Parliamentary Group leader
11/05 17:42
DP: “Rama, the de-facto Interior Minister”
11/05 17:39
Local libraries, Veliaj: “A victory against anti-culture”
11/05 17:32
President refuses Lleshi as Interior Minister. Rama appoints him Deputy Minister
11/05 17:25
Meta refused to decree Sander Lleshi as Interior Minister
11/03 21:40
Tirana Municipality, dedicated lane for buses
11/03 18:17
Three films by Albanian director, Xhanzife Keko, displayed at Danish Film Institute
11/03 18:04
Local municipalities receive fewer funds after territorial reform
11/03 17:58
New cost of Tirana-Durres road, 20 billion ALL higher than initial study
11/03 17:30
National Guard sues former officers for the killings of 2011
11/02 22:40
Tirana Film Festival, 127 films for competition
11/02 22:37
Haradinaj: “Let’s find consensus for Serbia, the same way we did for the Kosovo Army”
11/02 22:31