Basha: Let’s overthrow Rama. I will no longer listen to international representatives. Only the citizens
03/15 23:47
German government official: “Opposition renouncing mandates, not normal”
03/15 23:46
EU presence in Albania: “Renouncing mandates hinders democracy”
03/15 23:45
US Embassy reacts before opposition’s protest
03/15 23:43
Northern Macedonia’s PM, Zaev, first interview for an Albanian TV on Top Channel
03/14 08:40
Basha: Rama’s propaganda tries to cover robbery
03/12 21:58
SP meeting with allies: Destabilization takes country back to 1997
03/12 21:53
Opposition’s Ralf Gjoni accepts mandate as MP: My name will not be used of our country’s destabilization
03/12 21:49
Foreign Minister Cakaj: “EC will open accession negotiations with Albania this June”
03/12 21:43
Another Democratic Party MP refuses to resign
03/11 21:18
Democratic Party MP, Hajdari: “I’ll stay in Parliament for the sake of Albania”
03/11 21:10
Secret Service reports increased efforts for establishing Russian influence in Albania
03/11 20:56
132 years ago, the first school in Albanian language was opened in Korca
03/07 21:25
EU Director-General for Neighboring at EC: “Resignation of MPs undermines integration process”
03/07 21:23
USA: “This is the right time for a final solution between Kosovo and Serbia”
03/07 21:22
Drought forced expensive energy imports for 2019
03/07 21:21
Albanian President visits the UK, meets Minister for Europe, Alan Duncan
03/07 21:19
Gjukanovic: “There is still hope for the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue”
03/06 21:39
260.000 Albanians have received EU citizenship in past 5 years
03/06 21:37
Former US Ambassador: “The West lost their trust on Basha. Rama’s government, legitimate”
03/06 21:34
Former Democratic Party MP charged with perjury
03/06 21:33