Elbasan-Tirana road axis still blocked; Passing not allowed despite authorizations
05/18 15:57
Electoral Reform suspended, PD and LSI boycott the meeting in protest for the demolition of the National Theater
05/18 15:49
Grave accident in Gramsh, 1 dead as vehicle falls 40m deep into Banja lake
05/18 15:37
The demolition of the National Theater at night, Veliaj: We cannot remain hostage to a political coup
05/18 15:36
Lessons resumption/ 16 students and 1 teacher turned away with fever in Tirana
05/18 15:18
Gathering at the National Theater / After Basha, Kryemadhi is also fined
05/16 15:25
Tirana policeman in who beat up the young man after breaking quarantine rules is suspended
05/16 15:15
COVID-19 update/ 17 new cases in the country, 933 total number of affected
05/16 15:06
Large wildfire affects the Fan forest in Mirdita, over 200 hectares of pine trees burning
05/15 15:59
Environmental disaster of “Salillari” company in river Mat, residents: Deviated the river, waste is thrown into water
05/15 15:50
Covid-19/ Gathering against the demolition of the National Theater, Basha and 40 others fined
05/15 15:35
CoVid-19 update/ 18 positive cases in the last 24 hours in the country
05/15 15:28
Rising cases of covid-19, Manastirliu: If the deteriorating trend continues, we will restore restrictions
05/15 15:15
National theater ownership, Meta: I submitted to the Constitutional Court the abrogation of the decision, it is unconstitutional
05/14 15:24
Rudina Hajdari in the Assembly: They put sticks under my wheels, but I will not become part of the deals
05/14 15:08
Greece extends border closures with Albania until June 15th
05/14 14:57
CoVid-19 update/ The number of infected people has increased, 18 positive cases in the last 24 hours
05/14 14:53
AFF meeting, the return date of Albanian football is June 3rd
05/13 15:50
Arrested Tirana bank director who stole $30,000 from the client’s account
05/13 15:05
CoVid-19 update/4 new cases, among them a pregnant woman
05/13 14:59
Laçi in the coronavirus red zones; Isolation and social distancing are not respected
05/12 17:17