VOA: Arrested Prison Director talked to Rama’s staff and MPs about hiring persons without merit
01/14 22:20
Today Albanian officially became second language in Macedonia
01/14 21:58
16 students certified after internship at the Tirana Municipality
01/14 21:35
Same as Tsipras, Rama appoints himself Foreign Minister until situation with President is clarified
01/14 19:55
Six companies bid for Greater Ring Road project
01/14 19:11
DP: “New tender for Tirana Ring Road has a pre-selected winner”
01/14 19:05
Education Ministry employees visit universities to explain students new decision to cut fees
01/14 18:00
Rama: “The majority of students are being brutally blocked from attending university lessons”
01/14 17:39
EU and OSCE Ambassadors appeal opposition to avoid boycott
01/14 17:35
Tirana Municipality rebuilds Ndroq water network
01/14 17:23
Another Albanian prisoner killed in Greece
01/14 17:15
Two prosecuted in Tirana and Klos for continuing illegal gambling games
01/12 20:32
Students continue protest, some isolate themselves inside faculties
01/12 20:28
Snow destroys traditional house in Gjirokastra
01/12 18:35
Police open doors for students with high results from other university faculties
01/12 18:31
President Meta and PM Rama continue debate about new Foreign Minister
01/12 18:26
Kosovo politicians and analysts react about Meta’s decision to reject Cakaj’s candidate as Foreign Minister
01/11 22:31
Macedonia changes its name after agreement with Albanian MPs
01/11 22:18
Macedonia changes its name, Bushati: “The contribution of Albanian parties, decisive”
01/11 22:14
Council of Ambassadors urge Rama to make transparency on why he is replacing the Foreign Minister
01/11 19:09
Exporters ask government to intervene for increasing the value of Euro
01/11 18:13