Lack of qualified staff boosts number of foreign workers in Albania
02/19 18:39
Hunger strike of state oil worker enters third day
02/19 18:21
Former ally denounces president Meta’s stance against the socialists as irrational
02/19 18:07
Albanian president sets 2-nd of March as the date of popular anti-government protest
02/19 17:53
FM Cakaj visits Kosovo, suggests abolition of the border between the countries
02/19 17:35
Albanian President Meta summons DP head to warn about socialist ‘coup d’etat’
02/18 18:43
Bulqiza tragedy; Mother and two children lost their lives poisoned by heating smoke
02/18 18:26
Rama: Earthquake reconstruction work, facilitated by foreign workers
02/18 18:11
Europe and the media praise the earthquake aid initiative for Albania
02/18 17:55
Kosova, town shocked as 5 family members killed in murder-suicide by police officer
02/18 17:10
Fails the bidding process for the Vlora TPP; was to run on liquefied gas
02/17 19:53
Earthquake donation conference; International community unites in 1.15b euros contributions for Albania
02/17 19:04
Donors’ conference; The EU awards 100m euros for earthquake damage in Albania
02/17 16:45
Kosova celebrates 12th anniversary of independence
02/17 16:33
Albanian president issues statement denouncing head of the Justice Council
02/17 16:08
Mystery still surrounds the family deaths in Bulqiza, food samples are being examined
02/15 18:20
Macron softens up on accession negotiations for Albania, Macedonia: Let’s see what the EC says
02/15 17:51
Albania eyes the Brussels donor conference to boost earthquake reconstruction efforts
02/15 17:37
Albania faces massive damages in the International Arbitration Court
02/15 17:15
Basha: If government doesn’t refrain from arrogance, we will again use the power of the people
02/14 19:19
Effect of November 26 earthquake reduces by 0.6% Albanian economic growth
02/14 19:02