More Albanian single women show interest to adopt children
03/19 18:30
Russia recognized Northern Macedonia with its new name
03/19 18:00
Four protesters left in prison after March 16th violence
03/19 17:53
The Competition Authority is investigating Bankers Petroleum
03/19 17:39
34.305 persons became Greek citizens in 2017, 86.8% of them Albanian
03/19 16:09
Laçi Church pilgrimage started, will continue for 13 Tuesdays
03/19 16:08
Race for new Prosecution General officially open
03/19 16:07
Another MP from SMI accepts mandate after others renounced it
03/19 16:06
Basha and DP officials, summoned at the Prosecution for the US lobbying case
03/19 16:05
Court reopens case for the murder of Azem Hajdari, Sali Berisha called to testify
03/18 19:18
Once again, high-power electricity poles attacked with explosive
03/18 18:22
German Ambassador: We’ll keep working with this legitimate government and opposition MPs
03/18 18:15
President Meta hints critic to foreign partners: Politicians must not hide behind international officials
03/18 18:07
Tirana Mayor: Four other years of hard work, love and benevolence for the capital.
03/18 18:04
Vodafone, sponsor of Albania’s national football team for next 6 years
03/18 18:02
SP, Balla: DP will participate in local elections. Justice will not forget the Gerdec tragedy
03/18 18:01
Socialist Party holds its largest congress before local elections
03/18 18:00
Exports, 24 million less than one year ago
03/18 17:59
Selection of Special Prosecution members, with EU and US observers
03/18 17:58
Karamelo: “More members to join new opposition”
03/18 17:55
Rama: The people’s will not be changed through violence
03/15 23:49