Former DP vice leader blames Basha for the situation in Shkoder
08/14 18:50
Government accuses judges of obstructing fight against informality
08/14 18:45
Shkodra’s new Mayor about to create a new impasse in Albania’s politics
08/14 18:39
Gjergj Xhuvani, Albanian Movie Director, Screenwriter and Producer passed away
08/14 18:31
Discovery Channel chooses Albania for new show
08/14 18:17
Rama after DP accusations to new Shkoder Mayor: Until truth is out, we are on separate ways
08/13 18:19
US Embassy video explains how Albania will have new Constitutional Court after reform
08/13 17:36
EU Ambassador: Albania at end of the beginning’ of EU accession talks, not the beginning of the end
08/13 17:23
Shkodra’s new Mayor reacts to leaflets spread by opposition supporters
08/12 21:00
Minister promises harsher fines for abuses with fuel prices, and new inspection lab
08/12 17:40
More Albanian holidaymakers in Greece, spend even more than western tourists
08/12 17:15
Robert Hand about political crisis: Albanian party leaders are not taking into account the country’s need for progress
08/07 22:58
OSCE responds to Albanian President, Ilir Meta
08/07 22:51
Basha reacts for the Kamza Municipality: Suli and Skura will respond in front of the law
08/07 22:51
Basha: Rama and the Croatian Mafia, profits mounting up to 10 million EUR a year
08/07 22:50
SP supporters take over Kamza Municipality building
08/07 22:49
Kosovo Parliament to be disbanded on August 22nd
08/05 22:54
Tirana Mayor publishes project for new Zogu I Boulevard
08/05 22:52
DP will not enter the October 13th elections
08/05 22:52
332 whistleblowers have reported many corruption cases in the administration
08/05 22:51
Basha accuses Rama: Used Dako as his ATM machine with dirty money
08/03 16:52