US ambassador in support of Albanian justice reform: Vetting process must continue responsibly
05/23 15:35
12 years without Dritan, the dream Top Channel’s outstanding founder continues
05/23 15:24
Rama wishes a happy Eid al-Fitr day and announces opening of religious temples
05/23 15:06
Covid-19 update/ 8 new cases over the last 24 hours
05/23 14:49
Rama welcomes Basha’s statement: The return of the non-parliamentary opposition, a welcome development
05/22 15:44
4 years old dies in Berat after contact with exposed electric current in public park
05/22 15:29
Images/ Residential building damaged by the 26th November earthquake is demolished by explosives in Durrës
05/22 15:20
CoVid-19 update/ Number of infections increases, 12 new cases identified
05/22 15:06
Meta in ambassadors’ meeting: Demolition of National Theater, undeserved damage to Albanian European integration
05/21 15:47
National Theatre, Budina: Our actions are troubling the power, leave us alone or face the consequences
05/21 15:31
CoVid-19 update/ Number on infections drops again, 5 new cases in the country
05/21 15:19
PM Rama: Within May Albania opens entirely, we are preparing for the tourist season
05/21 15:11
19 tons of electrical waste destined for Albania, seized in Ancona’s port
05/20 16:04
Erosion destroys Albanian beaches; Tourist area of Kuna Vain towards degradation
05/20 15:48
Freed 8 detainees of the protest for the demolition of the National Theater
05/20 15:30
CoVid-19 update/ 15 new cases in Albania, 13 from manufacturing shop in Durrës
05/20 15:23
DP responds to Lleshaj: You, Rama and the criminal minority in the State Police are the shame of Albania!
05/19 16:09
The remaining walls of the National Theater are torn down, waste is removed from the area after the destruction
05/19 15:57
US ambassador in meeting with Rama: Albania must work to reach an agreement on the Electoral Reform
05/19 15:45
Theater demolition protest/ Lulzim Basha and Monika Kryemadhi prosecuted
05/19 15:31
The orphan asks for help, 9-year-old lives only with his impoverished grandparents
05/18 16:06