Meta responds to the EU Delegation
05/23 18:23
Walked from Bulgaria to Durres, athlete pours Black Sea water into the Adriatic
05/23 18:14
Prosecution and Police sign agreement to prosecute officers
05/23 17:43
Rama, another invitation to Basha
05/23 17:38
EU Delegation for Top Channel: Judiciary reform, a priority for every politician
05/22 21:07
German Bundestag divided about Albania’s EU accession negotiation
05/22 18:54
Rudina Hajdari in the Netherlands: Albania deserves EU accession negotiations
05/22 18:48
US Attachè, James Hilton: Reform must continue to take corruption of of the judiciary
05/22 18:42
German Ambassador: Boycott and political crisis slowing down reforms
05/22 18:38
Meta criticizes international partners and EURALIUS about the judiciary reform
05/22 18:19
Fredi Bejleri questioned for the Peshkepia Massacre of 1994, caused by Greek terrorists
05/22 18:09
Borchardt: “Young people: the dynamic guardians of democracy”
05/22 17:18
2.5 million properties will be measured again
05/21 19:52
Rama: FRONTEX presence shows the importance of future EU expansion
05/21 19:44
FRONTEX Director: 50 EU officers at the Albanian-Greek border
05/21 18:48
FRONTEX will patrol Albanian-Greek border, starting from tomorrow
05/21 18:38
German Minister: The opposition’s behavior in Albania, unacceptable
05/21 18:00
NATO holds training in the Adriatic, a few miles from Durres
05/20 22:55
Basha for BBC World: What our protests are aiming and what Albania needs for EU accession
05/20 18:05
On the World Orphans Day, President Meta reminds Albanians of Mother Theresa’s work
05/20 17:36
Rama: “No one should have illusions about the June 30th elections”
05/20 17:32