Opposition militants force themselves into premises of Zonal Election Commissions

18/06/2019 17:21

Democratic Party supporters have forced themselves into the premises of the Zonal Election Commissions in their area, removing the electoral materials.

Tensions continued for the second day in Shkoder, where Democratic Party representatives and Shkoder Municipality workers blocked the door of the “Qazim Dervishi” sportive palace.

When the Socialist Party commissioners tried to enter, the opposition militants, helped by the Shkoder Municipal Police, blocked the doors.

The Mayor of Shkoder accused PM Edi Rama of violating the local government autonomy.

In Lezha, although they have been ordered to free the premises that they have occupied, the opposition chairman of the Zonal Election Commission, Ermal Pecaj, said that they will not interrupt their work without an order from the Central Election Commission.

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