Opposition leader meets US and EU ambassadors, attacks Top Channel

25/06/2019 19:33

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, met today with the US charge d’Affairs in Tirana and the EU representative, but rather than talking about the conversation he had with the diplomats, the opposition leader decided to attack Top Channel.

“The alliance of the Albanian citizens is rising, most of whom publicly, although most of the media outlets that you represent here are censoring them. Look at what the Albanian citizens, professors, artists and intellectuals are writing. None of your TV stations is portraying the #metoo movement. Top Channel and TV Klan, two blind tools of Edi Ram, are not portraying it”, Basha said.

“Top Channel is all over it. They haven’t been portraying the activities of the opposition for the past three days, proving that they are nothing more than a blind toll paid by the money that is stolen from the Albanian people. TV Klan was a bit smarter, but they have only proven the real status of the Albanian media”, Basha declared.

“We are determined to free this media in respect of the professionalism and the self-denying work of the journalists”, Basha said.

Top Channel