One of the Indian businessmen, wanted for fraud, became Albania’s Consul of Honor in Nigeria

22/03/2019 20:24

More details have surfaced on the scandal of the two Indian citizens who received Albanian citizenship as they were wanted in their country for defrauding 725 million USD.

Top Channel has found that one of the two brothers, Nitin Sandesara, even became Albania’s Consul of Honor in Nigeria.

The $725 mln fraud of Nitin Sandesara and Chetankumar Sandesara took place during the 2008-2011 period, but it was discovered only in 2018, when one of the bank directors was caught receiving a bribe by one of the brothers.

The Sandesara brothers and two leaders of their companies were now wanted by the Indian justice, but they were able to escape to the United Emirates.

From there, Sandesara moved to Nigeria, a country where he became consul of Albania, at a time when he was the most wanted man in India. The reason he moved to Nigeria is that the country doesn’t have an extradition agreement with India.

After receiving the Consul of Honor duty in Nigeria, Sandesara and his brother received Albanian citizenship. An Albanian Minister vouched for them by using as argument Article 9.7 of the citizenship law, which foresees that foreigners over 18 could receive Albanian citizenship; and, if the other conditions are not met, the citizenship can be given if Albania has a scientific, economic, cultural and national interest.”

Being Consul of Honor in Nigeria helped Sandesara take his brother as well, Chetankumar Sandesara, and give him Albanian citizenship.

India asked Nigeria to extradite them, but after learning that they became Albanian citizens, the extradition request moved to Tirana. The Albanian authorities haven’t given any explanations yet how these businessmen received diplomatic immunity in our country.

Top Channel