Minxolli, accuses Americans

25/04/2011 15:10

The accused Dritan Minxolli has attacked for latest time the Achilles
heel of Gërdeci trial, more specifically, the role of Patrick Henry in
the dismantling site, and the role of other Americans, machinery
specialists in this factory.

Minxolli has named their group as “the American part”, which, according to him, has been considered by the court as a testifying part. But the accused says that they have been hiding behind their citizenship and some word games that, according to Minxolli, it has been convenient for the prosecution to believe them. “These groups of people help each other with their declarations, insinuating and lying in group, and sometimes they betray their alliance”.

Contradicting the declaration of Patrick Henri, who says that there have been several incidents in Gërdec involving fire, before March 15th tragedy, Minxolli told to the court his version, adding that from January until March 2008, there has been no fire accident. Minxolli mentioned the name of another American, David Howell, as part of the project for installing the dismantling equipments.

Contradicting again the pretense of Patrick Henry, who says that SAC Company did not deal with the supervision of the technological process in the factory, Minxolli asked the judges why Henry brought the SAC specialist for observance. Minxolli also protected his brother-in-law, Mihal Deligjorgji, saying that one of the American specialists lies when says that Delijorgji has had conflicts with the colleagues.

According to Minxolli, Delijorgji had no connections with the technical matters. “Delijorgji had to deal only with me, as director of the factory, and with his partner, Patrick Henry”. Minxolli repeated that Patrick Henri is the legal owner of the Gërdeci factory, and that he had willingly signed both contracts with the Ministry of Defense and the chairman of SAC.

”I declare, -Minxolli said, – that Patrick Henry is the one who insisted to create the “Albademil Company”. He never raised any concern during its functioning. Patrick Henry, -Minxolli emphasized, – cannot hide behind a finger! And the prosecution, before accusing me, should pass through its net an army of men with uniforms, who only after March 15th started to check the documents they had signed, to know what had they signed them for.”

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