Mineworkers on a crossroad

12/08/2011 15:20

The 19th day of the hunger strike has not only failed to find a solution
for Bulqize strikers, but it has put the mineworkers on a crossroad.
Another meeting without a solution, while the options are running out
also due to the conflict between the head of the syndication, Kol
Nikolla, and the mayor of Bulqize, Roland Keta. The latter blames
Nikolla for the stalemate of the negotiations.

The head of the syndication reacted right after by removing Keta the right to mediate for the Company.  This new clash has left Bulqize miners without support, who have been disappointed also by the recent dialogue.

The miners have added another demand by requesting the removal of the mine director, who, according to them, is the main responsible. The situation remains tense, while the mineworkers see themselves trapped between the personal conflicts of the syndication, as the Bulqize Mayor and ACR suggest.

All parties have thrown accusations against each other and their priority up to now has not been the resolution of the situation, but the demonstration of each others’ force. This confrontation not only does not contribute for a solution, but it aggravates the battle in which the only ones who are really sacrificing are the miners, who risk their life more with every hour that passes.

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