Merkel, tour in Balkan, Albania left out

13/08/2011 12:05

Angela Merkel avoids a visit in Albania. The German Chancellor will
start a Balkan tour on August 22nd, but Albania is not included in the
list. Merkel will visit Belgrade, Podgorica and Zagreb on Monday 22

The media of these three countries have made a huge echo to the visit of the German Chancellor, considering it as a strong support that Germany is expected to give to these countries. The official visit in Croatia was confirmed by the Croatian Minister, Goran Jandrokovich.

This visit was confirmed in the meeting that took place this Wednesday between the Foreign Ministers of Germany and Croatia. Croatia has made important steps towards the EU integration process, and by 2013 it is expected to become the 30th EU country. Merkel will lead a delegation of 63 people, a great part of whom are businessmen.

Avoiding Albania

The Political crisis in Albania seems to have influenced for excluding Tirana from Merkel’s Balkan agenda. The German Chancellor will visit Montenegro, but not Albania. The Prime Minister Berisha was one of the initiators for enabling Angela Merkel to visit Tirana, but it apparently will remain a dream in the drawer for our Prime Minister.

Berisha has given many declarations for the arrival of the German Chancellor in Albania. The leader of the majority had also said that Merkel had reconfirmed her visit.

“I met all Prime Ministers and Presidents of the EU member countries. I had a big moral obligation to express them our deepest gratitude for lifting visas, as a very noble decision. I expressed my gratitude to Merkel, with whom I discussed about the latest developments in Albania and our achievements. I also met the President Sarkozy, who promised to visit Albania together with the Chancellor Merkel. Sarkozy was very cordial. He reconfirmed the decision for visiting Albania. I had a long talk with the Chancellor Angela Merkel, who also reconfirmed her decision for visiting Albania”.

This is the declaration of the Albanian Prime Minister after participating in the NATO Summit in Lisbon on 20 and 21 November 2010. During this period, the Foreign German Minister, Westerwelle, was also visiting Balkan. He also left Albania out of his agenda. This time, Albania was visited only by the German Minister of Economy, Niebel, whose mission was to help resolving the political crisis in our country.

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