Marks of NATO bombing, still visible in Serbia 20 years later

23/03/2019 18:34

On March 24th, 1999, the final deadline for resolving the matter peacefully had expired for Belgrade, and NATO started attacking military bases, radars, electric stations, refineries and bridges, to stop the bloodiest regime in Europe since WWII.

“The purpose was to force Miloshevic change his stance. After the cruel acts in Bosnia, his ethnic-based war should come to an end. The decision was taken on the obligation to protect human rights, and on the right of a country to its sovereignty”, said Ramush Haradinaj, Prime Minister of Kosovo.

The war ended after 78 days, with the capitulation of Milloshevic. Kosovo went under UN administration for many years, until it declared independence in 2008.

Miloshevic was brought down from power by his people in 2000. The new government sent him to the Court of Hague for War Crimes. In died in 2006, before his sentence was announced.



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