Majority starts procedures for new Prosecutor. Opposition abandons commission

07/12/2017 17:22

The term of the Prosecutor General, Adriatik Llalla, expires today. According to the left-wing majority, the Parliament must appoint a temporary Prosecutor.

For the opposition, this cannot be done. Both parties debated at the Commission of Laws without finding common ground.

The majority is determined to continue with this procedure for the appointing of the new Prosecutor General, as it has been suggested by the international missions of OPDAT (USA) and EURALIUS (EU).

The opposition abandoned the meeting of the Commission of Laws before voting the procedures for appointing the new Prosecutor, an initiative that was voted only by the majoprity.

The opposition insists that this is a legal gap of the Constitution, and that provisory dispositions cannot be followed in this case, since the Constitution prevails over other laws and clearly states that the Prosecutor is appointed with 84 votes.

After the voting at the Commission of Laws, the candidates will file their CVs in Parliament, which will select one within 30 days.

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