Macron explains his vote against Albania and N.Macedonia

19/10/2019 18:01

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, explained in a press release the reason why France refused to vote in favor of Albania’s and Macedonia’s EU accession negotiations.

“Albania is undergoing great reforms. We admit that there has been progressing, but it is not enough. There are still many situations that are not under control. There are problems with immigration, and my discussion was fruitful above all regarding the vision of Europe. The EU has internal problems and we need inner reformation before the enlargement process starts”, Macron said.

“We know that if we don’t open the doors there may be no more efforts, but this is not enough. We must finalize our own reforms. Then we can continue with the enlargement process. Opening the doors is not enough. We must see where these countries stand, that are demanding to become part of the EU. The entire process must be reviewed. When we open the doors, we could be blamed for this. We need to reform Europe. We need a strategy, credibility. These are my comments”, the French President declared.

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