Lushnje, Aqueduct flooded by sewage

15/06/2011 09:10

Konjati Aqueduct that would save the town of Lushnje from the absence of
drinking water is not saving itself from sewage waters.

The Konjat pump station is placed near some farms, the sewage of which pollutes also the drinking water of the newly built aqueduct. If this wasn’t enough, there is also a sewage canal of nearby villages. The entire investment of the local administration, with the support of KFW Bank, is losing its value due to the negligence of local and central authorities, who are unable to repair the canals.

The solution of this problem was promised several times by former Mayor of Lushnje, but the situation remains the same.

Several purity tests have been made to this aqueduct, and the main cause that damages drinking water quality is sewage waters.

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