Lobbying with Russians? DP reacts: “Lies paid by Edi Rama”

07/03/2018 15:28

One day after the investigation published on “Mother Jones”, which suggests that the Democratic Party of Albania has paid Russian companies for lobbying with Trump, the DP has reacted and said that this is a ridiculous invention made up by Edi Rama.

“The article is the product of a wide campaign undertaken by Edi Rama, funded by illegal money coming from the world of crime and corruption. This campaign aims to discourage the efforts of the opposition in the fight against drugs and crime. The campaign paid by illegal money is being done now that Edi Rama needs to pressure the justice for closing investigations against Saimir Tahiri, so that the one who guaranteed the drug traffic from Columbia will not be investigated”, the Democratic Party announced.

The DP adds that they have not violated any law, and that they have never had direct ties with Russian companies or individuals.

“These efforts of Edi Rama and of his mercenaries to implicate the Democratic Party are useless. Nothing will stop the DP from continuing the fight against crime and criminal ties to the government. Same as we have done for more than four years, we will continue until criminals involved with politics will be brought to justice”, the Democratic Party reaction says.

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