Kukan: Macron, a silent saboteur

19/10/2019 18:51

The European Parliament Member, Eduard Kukan, reacted on social networks after Albania and Northern Macedonia received a “no” from the European Council regarding the EU accession negotiations.

Kukan blames the French President about this and considers him a silent saboteur.

“I am outraged by France’s position at the EU summit, which led to further delays in the EU’s enlargement process. I knew that the French President had been playing the role of the silent saboteur for a long time, but I didn’t believe that they would use such deception for Northern Macedonia and Albania, with such a short-sighted and irresponsible decision.

The EU will lose its credibility in the Western Balkans by this degrading gesture towards this strategic region for the EU’s global interests.

I would like to call on our Western Balkan partners to not be disgusted, although I fully understand how difficult it is. In the EU they have a large majority of friends and serious politicians who will continue to work intensively with them to achieve their European ambitions. I would like like to call on them to prove in their future European progress that they care more about creating a whole and United Europe than those who are complicating themselves today.

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