Kosovo, police motorcade attacked

26/07/2011 17:00

After taking two Northern border checkpoints under control, handed over
by the Regional Operation Support Units (ROSU), the situation seems to be tense

A few hours after the news that ROSU forces retrieved from Bernjak, other recent information indicates that these forces not only have returned, but they have even encountered Serbian rage. A police motorcade has been under attack, and some agents were wounded.

At least one police agent was sent in Mitrovice and then in Prishtina hospitals after being wounded during an attack that took place along the Zubin Patok-Leposavic road. Local Zubin Patok media claim that gunshots were heard near Varag and Zhupq villages, where KFOR forces exchanged fire with a group of Serbians who blocked the road.

Prime Minister Thaçi rejects information about the achievement of an agreement with Serbia. Kosovo public television announces that Thaçi confirmed the decision that Kosovo Special Police will continue to stay at border checkpoints 1 and 31.

Ashton: Northern Kosovo actions, not the right ones

The Spokesperson for the highest EU representative Cathrin Ashton declared that EU does not agree with Kosovo authorities for the decision to take under control the border checkpoints in the northern part of the country.

“It is essential to calm the situation and turn back where we were”, Maja Kocijanic declared during an interview for Radio Free Europe. According to EU, EULEX is ready to help Kosovo authorities to achieve such a thing.

The spokesperson declared that the issue of trade and custom stamps should be solved through dialogue.

She also declared that EU thinks that even the decision for the embargo against Serbian goods was not appropriate.

EU, KFOR and EULEX criticize the operation

The international factor in Kosovo did not welcome the operation of the Special Units for taking under control the border checkpoints no.1 and 31 in Northern Kosovo.

The EULEX mission declared through a press communicate that such issues should be solved through peace and dialogue.

“It is important to solve the current situation through peace and dialogue. EULEX is closely cooperating with KFOR for achieving this and for preserving safety”, says the communication.

In this announcement, EULEX denies any kind of involvement in this Kosovo Police operation.

“EULEX and EU made it clear that the issue of Customs stamps should be solved only through the dialogue between Prishtina and Belgrade”, the communication adds.

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